It has always been about good food. Our Mother is a great cook and so we grew up in the kitchen like any Italo-Canadese kid. You have to use only the best ingredients; there must never be any compromise in the preparation or cooking of a meal.

We always tell our employees on their first day of work that everything they do must be equal to perfection. If they don’t feel confident, then just toss it out and start again. It is this conviction to perfection that has brought us to our success today. Furthermore, there is a responsibility and honour in feeding people and their children; it is never to be taken lightly.

You cannot expect someone to be happy eating something that you would not enjoy eating yourself. It may sound simple enough, but this is what defines our integrity. It is our name on the sign outside and so the responsibility of keeping our reputation is paramount. Service is about respect. It is a partnership between proprietor and patron. It can’t always be perfect, but you must consistently try to make it that way.

Finally, we always strive to give our customers a sense of value. The best food for a reasonable price backed up with great service. Amen!

Thank you!

Mike Ricci and the Ricci Family