Our Story

For the past 25 years, my family has worked very hard to invent, build, and maintain our life’s work; “Ricci’s Pizzeria & Sandwich Shoppe“.

ricci family images

From its inception in 1985, it has always been about commitment to hard work and being the best. Our first location was in Malton, the neighbourhood my siblings and I grew up in. In the early days, we worked side by side with our father, Michele, and our mother, Maria.

The majority of the 1980’s were all about learning the business and our craft. Our business grew stronger with every passing year and did our commitment to it.

ricci family imagesBy 1991, expansion was discussed and we were determined to find the perfect location. In early 1992, on a dark and snowy night, I made a wrong turn on Langstaff Road and ended up on the corner of Weston Road. A new plaza was going up, and by November, Ricci’s Woodbridge was open for business. Business exploded as we were hard pressed to keep up. During these years we worked hard sharpening our concept and menu until it became necessary to expand the store in 1997. We built a better facility to keep up with our ever-growing business and community.


During the mid 1990’s, a pilot project started by my brothers Joe and Bruno was close to becoming a reality. They set their sights on selling Ricci’s pizza to all of Canada and the world, thus creating Ricci Food Group of Canada. We have been operating a federally inspected, fully automated plant producing frozen pizza. Whether you are in Nova Scotia or the Northwest Territories, you will be able to find our pizza at many national grocery chains.

ricci family shotsIn 2000, we sold our original location in Malton so that our parents could take it easy and my sister Laura could join management at our Woodbridge location.

The past ten years have seen Ricci’s Woodbridge grow further in popularity not only locally but city wide. Over the years we have collected many awards, such as the prestigious “Vaughan Citizens Readers Choice Award”.

I would like to thank our hardworking management and staff. Without their commitment, we would not be able to move forward. Finally, I would like to thank you, the customer, and to let you know what a pleasure it is to serve you and your families.

Thank you!

Mike Ricci and the Ricci Family